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Food Service Gloves That Deliver Great Value for Any Restaurant

Food Service Gloves That Deliver Great Value for Any Restaurant

Prior to the pandemic, hygiene consciousness was at the forefront of many industries. Food service and hospitality-based businesses were and remain frequent users of disposable gloves. Avoiding cross-contamination and minimizing the spread of bacteria are large focuses in food safety across restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and more. Protecting customers through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial to protecting businesses from potential liability. Throughout the pandemic, awareness of hygiene and safety precautions increased significantly; it continues to be at the forefront of many businesses following the waning of the pandemic.

The food service industry historically works under thin margins, meaning those in the industry often look for extra value or lower cost wherever it may be found. Disposable gloves can deliver great value for food service establishments. Let’s take a look at the most suitable food service gloves Zoomget has to offer.

  • For an all-around, multipurpose glove, it’s hard to beat X3 3 mil. Clear Industrial Vinyl Gloves, especially thanks to the affordable price point. The gloves deliver dependable hygiene maintenance in additional to providing barrier protection against common cleaning chemicals and solutions. As the glove is comprised of vinyl, there is no concern for latex allergy. This lightweight glove is great for short-term use.
  • When it comes to food service, it is very rare for someone to need thicker than a lightweight 3 mil. glove. Nitrile performs exceptionally well for food service tasks. X3 3 mil. Black Industrial Nitrile Gloves are a great example of a cost-effective glove that delivers added strength, comfort, and much greater puncture resistance than latex. The black coloring provides a professional sleek look, ideal for front of house use.

If you are in the food processing sector of the industry, we have a wide selection of heavy-duty nitrile gloves that deliver exceptional puncture and chemical resistance when working with processing tools and machinery. Zoomget has the wide selection of food service gloves needed to keep hygiene at the forefront and contamination minimal. Stock up today for your cooking, serving, and selling needs!

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