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1st Choice 6 mil Black Nitrile Disposable Industrial Gloves - Sample Pack - 1PBN

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1st Choice Premium Black 6 Mil Nitrile Industrial Gloves are powder-free and ideal for those performing heavy-duty industrial tasks or working in restaurants and hospitality. Textured and measuring 9.5 inches from fingertip to cuff, they are 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves, meaning added durability and fewer glove changes without sacrificing dexterity or tactile sensitivity. Nitrile has three times the puncture resistance of latex and is less likely to rip or tear. The micro-roughened surface is touchscreen compatible and delivers dependable gripping power even when wet. Black disposable gloves feature a dark color to hide any dirt or mess, making them a great fit for industrial or home-related tasks. Nitrile disposable gloves are latex-free, making them safe for those with latex allergies.

Samples are available in select industrial-grade gloves to test the material for your application. Sample packs provide a pair of each available size. 

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