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With Spring Comes Warmth and New Hair Colors

With Spring Comes Warmth and New Hair Colors

As spring approaches and we close out the cold winter, many new trends often appear. Most of the spring trends begin in the fashion industry, but soon emerge in the beauty industry, often bringing new trends in hair color. Salon owners and stylists frequently see a rise in clients seeking new coloring as we approach the warmer months. This increases the importance of stocking up on personal protective equipment for stylists prior to ensure properly salon safety.

Celebrities often set the tone for popular hairstyles and coloring. With the rise of social media influence, consumers will start to take note from their favorite celebrities in the coming weeks if they are looking to switch up their style.

Stylists can be responsible for a large portion of the process, as they not only deliver the initial coloring but for most clients they will also need to keep up with routine maintenance. With multiple potential coloring appointments for a single client, the use of harsh chemicals increases. Stylists need durable protection that disposable gloves can deliver. Lightweight nitrile gloves are a great solution, as they provide protection against common coloring agents and styling chemicals. They are also easy to take on and off, which is perfect for frequent glove changes. Black nitrile gloves in particular are great at concealing the various colors that come with dying hair, and they give your stylists a sleek professional look.

Whether clients want to welcome spring with a fresh cut and a few highlights or a whole new color, it is important that stylists protect their hands properly to ensure they can keep up with the ongoing trends for spring! Zoomget has the lightweight exam-grade gloves you need to keep your salon safe.

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