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Why Safety Matters for All Industries

Why Safety Matters for All Industries

Safety is a top day-to-day priority for many industries. Workplace accidents and injuries affect every industry and can have a major impact on employers. Businesses spend upward of $170 billion a year on occupational injury and illness-related costs. Workplace accidents can be reduced with the proper precautions and personal protective equipment in place. The Zoomget team will be sharing valuable tips throughout this post to help you ensure you have the right safety precautions in place this winter.

Workplace safety affects all industries, from food safety in the food service industry to chemical safety in janitorial and sanitation. Workplace safety matters in all industries. Employers that invest in workplace safety can see reduced injuries, illness, and fatalities. This can result in cost savings, from lowering workers compensation and medical costs to avoiding OSHA penalties and conducting investigations. The changes you make to improve workplace safety can result in significant improvements to your organization’s financial and efficiency performance.

The use of personal protective equipment can significantly reduce fatalities and injuries. Personal protective equipment acts as a barrier between the skin and the driver of exposure. Disposable gloves are an essential tool in protecting employees in many industries. Many different gloves can be used to help guide protection, from heavy-duty nitrile gloves for industrial and automotive use to lightweight vinyl gloves for food service. Protection can also be worn in the form of face masks, aprons, and hairnets depending upon the use case.

As the end of the year nears, it is a great time for employers to evaluate workplace safety programs and equipment. The benefits of implementing or updating your safety procedures can affect the company greatly, from improving costs to increasing productivity. Zoomget disposable gloves are trusted by prominent end-users across a variety of industries. We provide superior quality with dependable barrier protection. Shop our full catalog of disposable gloves today!

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