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Why Nitrile Gloves are the Best for Dairy Farming

Why Nitrile Gloves are the Best for Dairy Farming

Disposable gloves have many different uses from industrial food processing to agriculture. Did you know nitrile gloves are perfect for dairy farming?

Over the past ten years there has been an increased usage in the dairy farming industry. This is due to the need for both improved worker and animal health as well as the desire to produce a higher quality of milk. Due to these reasons, almost percent of all dairy farmers use disposable gloves.

Nitrile gloves in particular provide several outstanding benefits:

  • Cleaner milk due to minimized bacteria transfer from hands to milk. The bacteria does not adhere to the nitrile as easily as the crevices of a bare hand.
  • Protection against repeated exposure to teat dips.
  • Superior resistance to the iodine used to prevent contamination between cows. The resistance is not found among latex gloves.

Maintaining ample sanitation practices is crucial for dairy farmers. In the circumstance that cows become infected, farmers are hit with a direct revenue loss. With the potential of infection spread between the cows, dairy farmers should be sure they have the proper protection for anyone handling the animals to reduce the risk of infection and revenue loss.

Zoomget has the medium and heavy-duty nitrile gloves that are made to provide top-rated barrier protection, ideal for both dairy and agricultural farmers.

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