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What’s Your Bucket List for the Fall Season?

What’s Your Bucket List for the Fall Season?

The fall season is officially here, bringing its colorful leaves, gray mornings, and cooler days, signaling a new slew of errands begging to be accomplished before the snow falls and piles up in your yard. The silver lining, however, lies in how you tackle this season’s errands with zest. After all, finding the motivation in accomplishing tasks during a gloomy time of year can be quite comforting. Better yet, create a list of chores you can do to distract yourself from reminiscing about last season’s sunny weather. Just don’t forget to wear quality disposable gloves from 1st Choice when taking on these errands. Whether you’re looking to purchase a single box or a whole pallet, the Zoomget team has you covered.

Picking Out Pumpkins

When was the last time you tried looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve a masterpiece on? The best kind of pumpkin for Halloween carving is what’s known as a field pumpkin. They’re characterized by having a very hard, dark green hooked stem, which you can use as a handle. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to make pumpkin pies for the fam, you’ll want to use sugar pumpkins (also called pie or sweet pumpkins), which are small and round. They also tend to be sweeter and less fibrous, which makes them a great choice for cooking. Either way, we recommend using food-grade disposable gloves that are also heavy-duty, like the 1st Choice premium 6-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves, so carving or cooking your choice pumpkin can be done with relative ease.

Fall Yard Cleanup

Orange-colored leaves this fall season stand out beautifully but can turn even the most manicured lawns into quite a mess once they pile up. To be honest, fall cleanup is not an activity most people look forward to. Some even wonder if it’s necessary to rake leaves. Unless you want your lawn to be a haven for all kinds of pests, raking leaves is a must. Fallen leaves often harbor lawn diseases, including snow mold disease. If you receive heavy snowfall before the ground has completely frozen, snow mold is likely to occur. All that moisture, fallen leaves, long grass, and lawn debris can promote snow mold growth and spread throughout your lawn. Raking leaves in the fall, however, can reduce the diseases you encounter next spring and summer. Keep your hands clean with quality nitrile gloves for raking like the 1st Choice 5-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves. They’re the perfect combination of strength, dexterity, and comfort, allowing you to accomplish all kinds of industrial tasks without breaking a sweat.

Applying Soil Fertilizer

Most people say fertilizing your lawn is best done during spring or summer, but with the many benefits your lawn can reap from getting tilled around this time, the fall season simply isn’t something to overlook. To achieve a perfectly manicured lawn by the time spring comes, keep your garden fresh and healthy before it goes into a period of winter dormancy by applying fertilizer in the late fall. This is the time when cool-season grasses recover from summer stresses. Similarly, turfgrasses begin to embark on storing carbohydrate reserves in their stems, rhizomes, and stolons, which allow them to stay lush for long periods of time. These carbohydrate reserves help the grass resist winter injury and disease, as well as serve as an energy source for growth in the following spring. For a seamless landscape-gardening experience, choose between our two premium nitrile industrial glove offerings: 1st Choice 6-mil green or 1st Choice 6-mil orange, both of which contain a raised diamond texture for a grip like no other. The diamonds channel away liquids for a strong hold even in wet conditions.

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