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Unique Food Recipes to Start the Year Right

Unique Food Recipes to Start the Year Right

A new year brings about opportunities for experiencing new things. If one of them is to cook for a crowd, then here’s your chance to experiment with new recipes. Keep your guests on their toes by experimenting with some new recipes. Who knows? With enough experience, you might end up a professional chef one day. When trying out unique recipes, make sure you invest in the right kind of gloves to get the job done. 1st Choice vinyl and nitrile exam gloves are the perfect food-grade disposable gloves, designed for food prep. They keep you and your guests safe, and your hands clean.

Savory Crepes for Brunch

If you’re always on the go and a sandwich just doesn’t quite cut it for you, perhaps it’s time to experiment with sweet or savory crepes. They come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, with the most classic variation being the traditional French crepe filled with granulated sugar and a hefty squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Sweet and citrusy crepes are what most people know and have for breakfast and dessert, but have you tried preparing a savory crepe? Baked enchilada crepes made with shredded rotisserie chicken and cream cheese are exactly that. Throw in some veggies such as spinach, mushrooms, onions, and garlic for a keto-friendly dish that’s both fancy and healthy. Crepes are great items to serve at brunch, especially when you have lots of mouths to feed with little time to prepare.

Whether you’re making a citrusy or savory crepe, 1st Choice disposable gloves have got you covered. For breakfast crepes that use few ingredients, we recommend 1st Choice clear vinyl exam gloves that are suited for short-term protection. On the other hand, savory crepes that involve roasting or baking may require a different kind of glove to get the job done. 1st Choice nitrile exam gloves offer more resistance to food, chemicals, and hot liquids than comparable vinyl or latex disposable gloves, making them more reliable for rigorous food applications. We suggest getting yourself both while supplies last.

Seasoned Ramen Eggs for Snacks

Known as ajitsuke tamago or ajitama in Japan, ramen eggs are delicious as a topping on ramen noodles or simply enjoyed as a wholesome snack. They are known for their luscious custard-like egg yolks and umami flavor that’s usually marinated overnight in a sweetened soy-based sauce. While these eggs are generally excellent on ramen, they can also be served as an appetizer or a stand-alone treat. Some people add them to their salad or to a sandwich, making them amazingly versatile. Transform them into a delicious dessert by topping the eggs with caramel sauce. The explosion of sweet and salty flavors is an experience for the taste buds that can make anyone’s mouth water.

There’s no single way to eat ramen eggs, which is a testament to Japanese cuisine and its ability to blend seamlessly with western influences. We can’t help but notice how Japanese culture (as a whole) has become part of the many things we enjoy today, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ramen eggs can be added to different kinds of dishes. Preparing them is easier when you use our food-grade nitrile gloves that keep your hands protected. Whether steaming or seasoning the eggs, make sure a pair of 1st Choice black nitrile exam gloves are within reach. They deliver fantastic dexterity and tactile sensitivity, making them the perfect choice for food processes that require precision handiwork.

Briny Caviar for Dinner

Did you know prices for caviar have been going down in recent years? With Chinese farms being the current lead export, this once exclusive dish is now made available for mass consumption all because of an increase in supply. Make the most of the situation by preparing your guests a fancy dinner featuring caviar.

If you don’t know where to start, try caviar on classic potato latkes and smoked salmon with a garnish of dill-flecked sour cream. The fusion of salty and sour is decadent and makes for a savory experience. You may also opt for seared scallops if salmon isn’t readily available. Likewise, if you aren’t a fan of sour cream, try butter sauce instead.

Top it off by popping a bottle of champagne in an alfresco setup. Your guests are sure to leave the table satisfied. Most importantly, keep your hands clean and your guests safe by serving caviar using 1st Choice clear vinyl exam gloves. They’re great for short-term protection and frequent glove changes, so you can easily get back to the party.

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