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The Right Glove for the Job

The Right Glove for the Job

Disposable gloves are used for a wide variety of purposes, from medical and janitorial to food service and automotive. It is important to know which glove best suits your use case, to ensure you are practicing proper safety precautions. Below you will find a baseline of knowledge for nitrile, vinyl, and latex disposable gloves to help you choose the right glove for the job!

Latex gloves offer the best fit and dexterity, which is why this glove material tends to be comfortable for longer-duration use. Latex gloves are commonly associated with the medical and dental fields; however, they are also frequently used for the janitorial, plumbing, and beauty industries, among many others. Please note that customers who experience latex allergies should choose nitrile or vinyl gloves to avoid skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

Nitrile gloves have grown immensely in popularity in recent years for numerous industries. Nitrile gloves are the most popular disposable glove material in the automotive field because nitrile offers superior puncture resistance and barrier protection against harsh chemicals, especially those that are petroleum based. The glove material has also grown popular in dental and medical fields because of growing sensitivity to latex allergies. The material allows for the glove to conform to the hands during use, providing a more comfortable fit. The glove is highly resistant to many common chemicals, providing desired protection for automotive, medical, and janitorial industries.

Vinyl gloves have taken off in recent years due to increased need in the food service and processing industries. Vinyl gloves are a crucial tool during the food preparation process. The glove material contains no latex, making it a suitable alternative for those with latex allergies. Vinyl also provides a smooth surface and looser fit than nitrile or latex gloves. Vinyl gloves are preferred by industries that require frequent glove changes due to the lightweight material and affordable price point. From food service to janitorial and sanitation, vinyl gloves provide dependable lightweight barrier protection.

Glove Selection Chart

Ensuring you are equipped for the job starts with the right protection. Make sure you have the right glove for the job with nitrile, vinyl, and latex disposable gloves from Zoomget.

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