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The Many Uses for Disposable Gloves in a Facility

The Many Uses for Disposable Gloves in a Facility

As you know there are various types of facilities, each of which has various applications that may require the use of disposable gloves. The different applications within a facility have different levels of safety and protection needed. Some of these tasks may be core to business function while others may be supporting. Disposable gloves can be a large contributing factor to the overarching safety of a business.

  • Janitorial and Sanitation: Disposable gloves are crucial for protection against harsh chemicals and cleaning supplies used to execute standard cleaning tasks across facilities. In addition, gloves provide needed protection against pathogens when cleaning spaces like restrooms. Lightweight nitrile or vinyl gloves are recommended as they hold up to most common chemicals for short-duration use and are ideal for frequent glove changes between tasks due to the light material.
  • Childcare: Did you know some facilities have childcare services on-site for employees? Those working in the childcare center wear disposable gloves as barrier protection for not only themselves but also the children. These are worn when changing diapers, cleaning up, and when serving food.
  • First Aid: This is the common use for disposable gloves both in and outside a facility. Disposable gloves serve as a protective barrier between both those administering and those receiving medical support. Nitrile exam gloves help to safeguard employees by delivering protection against bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and more.
  • Foodservice: Disposable gloves are crucial for proper food safety in cafeterias. Vinyl gloves are used in food prep and production as they are easy to don on and off. Nitrile gloves are often used for heavier-duty tasks such as butchering use.
  • Line workers, Assemblers, and Fabricators: Those working on the factory floor often handle harmful materials and substances. For example, in battery manufacturing and processing plants lead is present throughout the manufacturing process. Those employees exposed to these risks need protection while working. Nitrile disposable gloves are comprised of chemical-resistant synthetic rubber. The gloves are also able to conform to the user’s hand as they are warmed by the body, delivering additional dexterity.
  • Maintenance: This can include a multitude of tasks from machinery repairs to vehicles. Those working in maintenance come in contact with grease, gasoline, solvents, and more. Hand protection is needed when working with and without solutions and solvents.
  • Packaging: Those in this part of the manufacturing process can be subject to food safety regulations if consumables are being packed within the facility. The use of disposable gloves can also preserve the integrity of the product packaging by preventing fingertips from transferring to the packaging. 
  • Printing: Industrial printers are used when preparing parcels for shipping as labels, receipts, and more are needed. The chemicals used to produce the ink include emulsions, oxidizers, solvents, and more. Disposable gloves deliver protection from potential health risks that can occur through skin absorption of chemicals. Nitrile gloves are the preventable solution.
  • Security Guards: Those providing protection to employees at facilities may need to conduct inspections of employees from time to time. Disposable gloves protect against contracting illnesses from those in contact.
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