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The Importance of Protecting Students and Faculty in School and Campus Settings

The Importance of Protecting Students and Faculty in School and Campus Settings

As schools start to open in just a few weeks, the urgency to prepare for the inevitable return to campus has become a priority for most people residing in the US—both for its students and faculty alike. While a couple of districts have opted for a fully online start to the school year, many more, however, are exploring in-person classes or hybrid options. With that in mind, having the right personal protective equipment—such as disposable gloves—is critical for everyone’s safety.

PPE is generally overlooked when talking about returning to school, despite disposable gloves being some of the most versatile tools one could ever need when trying to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Luckily, Zoomget offers a wide selection of disposable glove options that allow you to choose from industry-trusted brands such as 1st Choice, Gloveworks, AMMEX Professional, and X3. Additionally, the impressive Zoomget lineup features gloves that are made with different materials such as nitrile, vinyl, or latex, ensuring reliable hand protection for everyone.

Disposable gloves are also a necessity in school cafeterias. Foodborne diseases are prevalent among large crowds—such as in public eating places, resulting in students being more prone to experience food poisoning and food contamination. One way to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses is by making use of food-grade disposable gloves in the cafeteria when preparing meals and handling classroom snacks and treats. For all kinds of industrial tasks in the kitchen, such as cooking or baking, we recommend our newly launched black nitrile disposable industrial gloves from the 1st Choice glove line. At 5 mils thick, these gloves are more than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves, giving them three times more puncture resistance than their latex and vinyl glove counterparts, making them the perfect choice for a busy and bustling school cafeteria.

Aside from food service, schools need to pay attention to their medical supplies and first aid equipment, most especially in cases of an emergency. Similarly, medical-grade PPEs should be given priority since they prove to be an efficient first line of defense against situations where an ample amount of first aid is necessary. Nurses and teachers should stock up on medical-grade disposable gloves that provide reliable protection when caring for cuts and scrapes encountered during recess time. Take for example our newly launched medical glove, the 1st Choice black nitrile disposable exam glove that also happens to be chemo-rated and fentanyl resistant. These gloves are at least 5 mils thick, providing a much more reliable barrier protection than their comparable vinyl or latex alternative.

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and in doing so, practicing sanitary precautions shouldn’t be limited to just school cafeterias or clinics. Whether it’s school buses or objects and surfaces within the campus such as desks, tables, doorknobs, etc., everything needs to be cleaned and sanitized regularly to remove dirt, germs, and the presence of any lingering virus that can cause discomfort and paranoia. During this cleaning and disinfecting process, the school staff should be armed with disposable gloves that offer reliable barrier protection. Exposure to harsh surface disinfectants and cleaning solutions can lead to irritation and damage to the skin. Wearing dependable PPE such as our premium 1st Choice 6-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves can help avoid these issues since they protect the skin from disinfectants and reduce the risks of contracting diseases that are spread through the act of touch.

As recent years have changed everyday life, practicing safety has never been more important or concerning. And with this comes the rise of disposable gloves that were once overlooked. Never make the same mistake again and give gloves their due worth. Considering school is just around the corner, you might need them more than you realize.

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