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The Impact Rising Oil Costs Have on Disposable Glove Prices

The Impact Rising Oil Costs Have on Disposable Glove Prices

Economies around the world are shifting. Supply and demand, market pressures, and political conflicts are driving the prices of oil and gas. Countless industries—and most of us—are feeling the pain.

Oil prices are skyrocketing and are expected to keep rising. The increased prices could have the potential to be a large contributing factor in a global recession. Oil is an essential resource for almost every industry, as it influences most aspects of the production process. This includes the process of making disposable gloves.

Two of the key forms of rubber that comprise most disposable gloves are primarily comprised of petroleum byproducts: nitrile butadiene rubber and polyvinyl chloride. Raw materials are estimated to make up about 60% of glove production costs. The other large factor is transportation. Importers are seeing significant increases across ocean freight, meaning increased costs for consumers. This is due to gloves being manufactured in Southeast Asia, making increased shipping and freight costs inevitable. Soaring gas prices at the pump lead to increased ground transportation rates. Average gas prices in the United States have reached new record highs. 

We watched glove prices increase throughout the first few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand outweighed supply exponentially. Since then, prices have steadied considerably. Zoomget has been able to supply an ample amount of inventory in both exam- and industrial-grade gloves at a satisfactory price for both retail and business consumers. Predicting the cost of gloves is becoming more and more challenging within the current market, but it seems unlikely that the price of gloves will be decreasing in the foreseeable future. Thus, we recommend stocking up on disposable gloves before prices increase further. We are committed to sourcing the best gloves from a dependable lineup of brands at a competitive price. Stock up today!

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