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The Effect of Supply Chain Inflation on Disposable Gloves

The Effect of Supply Chain Inflation on Disposable Gloves

The cost of disposable gloves is currently being impacted by several different factors. From rising oil prices, increased shipping rates, and compromised supply chain issues, distributors will most likely be paying more to source disposable gloves throughout the latter half of the year.

Inflation is currently at the highest peak it's been in about 40 years. This rise can be attributed to supply chain-related factors from increased costs across raw materials, labor, shipping, and decreased cost of capital.

Every single aspect of disposable glove production is impacted by supply chain inflation. The majority of disposable gloves are produced in Southeast Asia, meaning gloves need a longer lead time to reach their destination—which directly correlates with higher transportation costs. As many companies are still struggling with supply and demand issues, they are working to source more products. This has caused increased sourcing and logistical costs while obtaining and processing products.

The cost of labor, maintenance, equipment, and insurance has all risen, meaning companies are paying more—which directly impacts the price consumers are paying. Many companies are also needing to cushion their purchase orders with distributors as lead, processing, and transportation times have increased. This all boils down to increased costs. For disposable glove distributors, there is a light, however, as shortfalls of products are not expected for the foreseeable future. Demand continues to remain strong as the industry continues to navigate through the new pandemic-influenced (or post-pandemic, if you prefer) market.

Zoomget has great relations with our distributors, providing solid positioning for glove accessibility. Our team is committed to working hard to ensure our customers have the dependable protection they need. We recommend continuing to stock up and purchase accordingly based on your needs, whether that's a few boxes to work around the house or half a pallet to keep your business running!

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