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The Direct Route to Satisfaction: Nitrile Gloves With Raised Diamond Texture

The Direct Route to Satisfaction: Nitrile Gloves With Raised Diamond Texture

Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) has, since its introduction nearly a decade ago, been a game-changer.

You may have heard of its benefits: great fit, strong chemical resistance and, thanks to RDT, the best grip in the business.

This glove is successful in both B2B and end-user circles. Distributors who sell it sing its praises. Those who buy the gloves at sing even louder, because it’s their hands being protected.

There are two 1st Choice gloves that feature RDT: Premium 6 mil. Orange Nitrile (1ON) and Premium 6 mil. Green Nitrile (1GN). Both make the most of their superior engineering and top-notch production values. These are gloves that once you try them, you will order them again and again—they will quickly become your go-to gloves.

Being premium as they are, they do cost a bit more. (In truth, their durability—which results in fewer glove changes—makes them a better bargain than many think.) So it’s best to be absolutely certain what your needs are and tailor your glove choices accordingly.

Truth be told, RDT is in all likelihood more glove than needed for light- and middle-weight applications.

If you have janitorial needs, a 3-mil nitrile like 1st Choice Black (1EBN) or Blue (1EN) are excellent choices for their versatility. Vinyl, like the 3-mil Clear Vinyl (GPX3), is budget-friendly and dependable for most cleaning tasks.

If you haven’t used a middle-weight nitrile glove—say, for instance, 1st Choice 5 mil. Black Nitrile (1BN)—it can be a good bridge between light- and heavy-duty. It’s a popular glove that’s suited to countless tasks.

If you are ready to move past that, it may be time to try 1ON and 1GN. Feel the difference: They go on smoothly, have feel and comfort that is second only to latex (without allergy concerns), and deliver an objectively transformative experience once you realize how much difference the RDT grip makes.

Take the RDT Challenge (orange or green, your choice). Snag a box, try them out for a few weeks, and soon you’ll be singing their praises as well.

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