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The Best-Kept Secret in Reusable Cleaning Supplies

The Best-Kept Secret in Reusable Cleaning Supplies

Are you tired of going through rolls and rolls of paper towels when trying to avoid sanitary concerns of reusable products? Sponges are notorious for housing germs, and disinfectant wipes, while great for surface-level projects, are insufficient for tough cleaning tasks. Our team is consistently on the hunt for great reusable cleaning supplies that allow us to control chemicals while keeping up sanitary standards. The best-kept secret in reusable cleaning supplies happens to be the microfiber towel.

Sponges are reusable, but also tend to be one of the dirtiest objects in one’s home. Disinfecting wipes are convenient but lack durability and scrubbing power. Paper towels allow one to choose your own solution but using them as a surface-level cleaning tool can generate a lot of waste. Microfiber towels provide a safe, reusable, and cost-effective solution to household cleaning and sanitation.

What are microfiber towels?

Microfiber towels are made from a fine woven polyester material that incorporates both softness and durability. Due to the material’s composition and the manufacturing process, there are spaces left between the fibers which allow for the material to easily trap dirt, dust, or water. The fibers allow for the towel to serve as an effective cleaning tool both with and without solutions. When using solutions, the fibers hold the liquid, making it easy to wring out and reuse the towel time and time again.

Sanitary Alternative to Sponges

Due to the fact that microfiber towels don’t fully absorb liquid, there is less bacterial growth. Sponges often come in contact with surfaces and objects that handle both raw and cooked food, all while being stored in a room-temperature environment. That makes sponges a great breeding ground for bacteria! The reusable nature of sponges means sacrificing sanitation for simplicity. Microfiber towels can be used to clean and disinfect common kitchen areas and tools just like sponges; however, you can throw the towel in the washing machine for easy cleaning and infinite uses. 

Microfiber towels are a great alternative to sponges, paper towels, and disinfecting wipes when cleaning bathroom or kitchen surfaces. They are the primary reusable cleaning tool due to the vast variety of uses.

1. Streak Free-Finish

If you wear glasses or sunglasses, you already use a microfiber towel to clear away dust and fingerprints from the lenses. Even without a cleaning solution, the towel will clean cloudy glasses better than a T-shirt. The same streak-free finish can be transferred to additional glass surfaces. The soft fibers create the same streak-free finish for your windows, mirrors, or wine glasses.

2. Easily Clean Messes

As mentioned previously, microfiber towels don’t absorb liquids—instead, they hold them. The towels have the ability to hold up to five times their weight in liquid. When large spills happen in your kitchen, instead of reaching for a roll of paper towels, reach for a microfiber towel instead. The towel will absorb a large amount of liquid and can easily be wrung out, minimizing the amount of waste that paper towels would create.

3. Chemical-Free Dusting

Microfiber towels are ideal for picking up dust particles even without the use of furniture polish or chemical solutions. When it comes to dusting wood furniture, decorations, and windowsills, the towels cling to dust and dirt without the use of a cleaning solution. A microfiber towel will get the job done without risking exposure to chemicals.

4. Remove Stains from Carpet and Furniture

Scrubbing carpet and upholstery can be difficult with a standard rag or towel, and almost impossible with paper towels. Paper towels can shred with vigorous scrubbing, and the texture is not designed to penetrate carpet fibers. This is where the microfiber towel comes in! Simply spray the stain remover on the towel and rub the affected area. The stain remover will transfer from the towel while the fabric withstands scrubbing.

5. Pet Care

Pets often bring dirt, mud, and excess hair into your home. Microfiber towels can be a great solution to caring for your home and dog. The towel is great solution when drying off a dog after a bath, swim, or rainy walk. The fibers in the towel are able to thoroughly soak up excess water to keep your pets and home clean.

If you still aren’t convinced that microfiber towels are one of the best reusable cleaning tools, we recommend trying them out yourself. Microfiber towels are sold at most grocery stores and pair well with Zoomget disposable gloves when encountering large messes. We recommend trying them out for just one week to see how re-washing the same towels can drastically cut down on your paper towel use. 

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