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The Benefits of Gloveworks HD 8-mil Industrial Orange Gloves

The Benefits of Gloveworks HD 8-mil Industrial Orange Gloves

Gloveworks HD 8-mil Orange Industrial Nitrile Gloves are one of the best-selling nitrile gloves at Zoomget, ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications. When it comes to versatile durability it is hard to beat Gloveworks Orange Industrial Nitrile Gloves.

Excellent Gripping Power with Raised Diamond Texture

These gloves feature a unique raised diamond texture design to provide the ultimate grip. With more than 3,000 raised diamonds on each glove, this industrial nitrile has 60% more surface area than standard nitrile gloves. The raised diamond texture allows users to work effectively in both wet and dry conditions. The diamonds create channels that allow liquid to pass through easily, preventing fluids from interfering with the work. The entirety of the glove is textured, making the glove ambidextrous.

Better Visibility

In dimly lit environments the orange nitrile gloves are a user’s best friend. The high-visibility orange color is easy to spot in both light and dark conditions, like garages and industrial workplaces. The color of the gloves provides a helpful warning to those around, drawing attention to the user's tasked hands. For companies that prioritize safety, these gloves are a must-have. The high-visibility color can also help increase safety compliance.

Thickness and Protection

Gloveworks HD 8-mil Orange Industrial Gloves are three times more puncture resistant than latex, while also featuring enhanced chemical resistance and durability. Nitrile is recommended over vinyl and latex for working with chemicals. Not only do the gloves provide excellent protection but they also deliver a high level of comfort. Nitrile conforms to the user’s hand as body heat warms the material, providing a better fit. The gloves are also chlorinated for powder-free donning, and the chlorination process helps make the gloves softer.


These high-visibility orange nitrile gloves can be a central part of the user’s personal protective equipment. The thickness of the gloves makes them ideal in oily environments such as automotive, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. However, a vast variety of industries can also benefit from this glove, like agriculture, food processing, plumbing, and more.

Stock up on Gloveworks HD 8-mil Orange Industrial Gloves with Raised Diamond Texture at Zoomget today. We have the gloves you need from the brands you trust to make protection a priority!

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