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Surprising Tips for Using Disposable Gloves in the Kitchen

Surprising Tips for Using Disposable Gloves in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home for many, especially during the holiday season. This is where numerous memories are made over shared family meals and food preparation. As we cook, eat, entertain, and just hang out in the kitchen, the space ends up being the mission control for many home tasks. Ensure you have the right tools for any job to make safety a priority in your home this holiday season. Disposable gloves are ideal for many tasks around the home, especially in the kitchen. Consider these tips from the Zoomget team!

If you frequently use hot peppers or jalapeños in your food, disposable gloves are a great way to protect your hands from burning during the cutting and preparation process. Commonly jalapeños are associated with a burning sensation upon consumption; however, this can easily be transmitted by simply touching the pepper during preparation. This burn is caused by the capsaicin chemical that is naturally found in peppers and jalapeñnos. Food-safe disposable gloves create barrier protection that can stop the burn before it starts. Vinyl gloves are the best-suited material for safety and hygiene during kitchen use.

If you are baking up a storm this holiday season, you may know that separating an egg yolk from the white is one of the most dreaded kitchen tasks. Many industry professionals prefer using their hands or the egg’s shell to execute separation. However, if you want to avoid the mess and practice food safety, we recommend wearing disposable gloves. Single-use vinyl gloves feature a smooth texture, making it easy to change the gloves and avoid cross-contamination. Vinyl gloves also have a more generous fit, making them ideal for frequent glove changes in the kitchen.

Surprisingly, disposable gloves are also handy in the kitchen when it comes to salad making. As many industry professionals will agree, the best tool you can use to mix a salad is your hands! Not only do disposable gloves make food preparation cleaner, but they also provide safety to those preparing and consuming. When you wear disposable gloves to toss a salad, it allows for air to get into the mix and helps incorporate the ingredients more consistently. We recommend drizzling your dressing along the sides of the bowl and then tossing the salad lightly with your gloved hands. This allows for great kitchen safety, easy cleanup, and a great-tasting salad!

Disposable gloves can also guard against many strong odors in the kitchen like onions, garlic, and seafood. After handling potent food, the odors can sometimes linger on your hands, even after multiple hand washes. Vinyl gloves are a great solution when handling foods with strong odors, and they are suitable for most users as they are latex-free.

These unexpected tips for using disposable gloves in the kitchen and the home will not only save time and minimize mess, but also can provide a barrier of protection from foodborne illness. Foodborne illness is a common yet preventable health concern. Keeping a box of disposable gloves in your kitchen and home can help inhibit the spread of germs and make cleanup a breeze. 

When choosing the right glove for the job, we recommend ensuring the gloves are food safe. For your disposable glove needs in the kitchen and the home, Zoomget has the barrier protection you need.

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