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Summertime Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Summertime Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Take advantage of the longer days and get outside for some warm weather fun! Here are some of our favorite ways to keep the entire family active and entertained this summer. From race car driving, to experiments in the kitchen, to yard work and interior designing, here’s a list of cool summer activities with enough unique ideas to ensure that the fun never stops all summer long.

Race Car Driving with Dad

Not down to go to the beach this summer? If this season conjures images of roaring engines and wild car wrecks in your mind, then you—or your dad—must be a race fan. If so, then the wait is over—race season is finally here! From beach races to Cup Series events, this summer is filled with adrenaline-pumping activities that come with scrapbook-worthy ticket stubs. The Michigan International Speedway, for one, usually has something in store for race enthusiasts in August, with tickets starting at just $35 and kids under 12 get in for free. Meanwhile, if vintage is your thing, then The Race of Gentlemen event in New Jersey may just be for you. This year marks its 10th anniversary. Over 100 vintage cars and motorcycles, including Indian, Harley Davidson, Excelsior, Ford, and Dodge Brothers, will compete in an exhibition-style beach race at the water’s edge of Wildwood Beach, New Jersey. Exciting stuff, right? If that still isn’t enough, perhaps surprising your dad with an upgraded auto mechanic toolbox, complete with top-of-the-line industrial gadgets like our 6-mil orange nitrile disposable gloves from 1st Choice, may be tantamount to giving him a well-deserved pat on the back after a long day of keeping the kids entertained at race events.

Yardwork with Mom

While it’s a good idea to set up a lemonade stand in your front yard this summer, planning for landscape maintenance, complete with a well-spruced lawn, can result in a perfectly manicured yard with gorgeous greens that’ll make any mother proud. Not only do yard care tasks provide an aesthetically pleasing lawn, but they also effectively and efficiently ensure your property’s safety, allowing you to save money and free up space for the finer pursuits in life. Perhaps you’d like to hold an afternoon tea party with your mom’s amigas by the end of summer? In that case, preparing your yard before then is the way to go. That said, the demands of lawn maintenance aren’t always easy. And if your grass should die, it can be costly to replace. Keep your yard from drying out by applying lawn fertilizers on a set schedule. You’ll also save time and energy with weed control practices by using a good mower that’s kept in tip-top shape. Being familiar with your mower of choice is a must. Otherwise, your lawn might end up with bare spots and patches due to uneven trimming. Prevent this by making use of a garden glove with first-rate gripping power. If you’re in need of a pair, try our 1st Choice 6-mil green nitrile disposable industrial gloves with raised diamond texture. The diamonds channel away liquids for an enhanced grip—even in wet conditions!

Cooking with Brother

If your brother has the makings of a great chef, support him by experimenting with delicious recipes you can later serve at picnics or at the beach for the rest of the family to enjoy. Keep it in the season by avoiding cold weather food like soups and stews. This could mean dining al fresco with lots of barbecue on the side or ensuring your weeknight dinner rendezvous is as summery as possible. As a tip, the perfect summer meal should be quick and easy to make while showcasing all the best summer produce possible. Nothing tastes better than a ripe, in-season piece of produce, and that’s never truer than during the summer. Tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and fruit like pineapples and peaches are truly mind-blowing this time of year. Encourage your brother to use these as ingredients for a great summer dining experience. While you’re at it, remind yourselves to use food-grade disposable gloves when preparing meals for the family to ensure everyone’s safety. 1st Choice 6-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves are ideal for performing kitchen and restaurant tasks since the dark color does a much better job of hiding all those greases, sauces, and oil stains than standard food service gloves.

Interior Decorating with Sister

Perhaps you or your sister have dabbled in producing home décor pieces that help popularize the DIY trend. Trying out carpentry takes that trend to the next level. Whether repairing a corner of the wall, engraving a textured finish on surfaces, crafting embellishments to enhance the living room, or repainting old furniture for a quick overhaul, these are all the activities that can help soothe the soul. Collaborate and challenge conventional creative ideas while letting your sister channel her inner child to let both your imaginations run wild. That said, letting loose doesn’t have to be reckless. Always keep yourselves protected by using 1st Choice 5-mil black nitrile disposable exam gloves. They deliver fantastic dexterity and tactile sensitivity, making them the perfect choice for performing interior decorating around the home. They also happen to be chemo-rated & fentanyl resistant, giving more than enough protection to keep you and your sister safe when dabbling with paints and chemicals while decorating.

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