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Strange (Yet Appetizing!) Fast-Food Items You’ve Got to Try at Least Once

Strange (Yet Appetizing!) Fast-Food Items You’ve Got to Try at Least Once

Do you happen to run a fast-food joint or own a restaurant? Are you looking to serve your customers something that could peak their curiosity? Perhaps you’re looking to zest up the available selections on your menu? In either case, you’ve come to the right place. The Zoomget team has curated three unique dishes that are served at diners and restaurants around the world. You’d be surprised to know that some of the ingredients in these strange recipes can be found in your pantry, ready to use at your disposal. Don’t forget to treat yourself to quality disposable gloves from Zoomget to keep your hands clean and your customers safe.

Tampa’s PB&J Doughnut Burgers

The state of Florida is known to serve some of America’s weirdest gourmet burgers, including those with boar meat, doughnut buns, and peanut butter. The residents of Tampa, in particular, aren’t strangers to crazy and over-the-top burgers. In fact, they fully embrace the identity, with neighborhood joints offering the likes of pizza burgers, described as a quarter-pound burger topped with pizza sauce and pepperoni on a grilled toast. On the more popular end (and more “out-there”) PB&J doughnut burgers, which is basically a bacon cheeseburger stuffed between a pair of honey glazed doughnuts—wow! For a sensory overload, locals squeeze in a hefty amount of crunchy peanut butter and homemade marmalade between the buns. The resulting taste is a mixture of sweet, salty, and savory ‘goodness’. Tip: We recommend using food-grade vinyl gloves when preparing PB&J doughnut burgers, so you can easily maneuver through thick meat and messy ingredients without getting your hands sticky.

Mexican Chile-Lime Watermelon Skewers

For those of you looking for something spicy, you’re in for a treat! The Hispanic-inspired fruity skewers are a sweet, spicy, and tangy blend of flavors that are delectably juicy in each bite. They’re an easy-to-prepare afternoon snack that only takes a total of 15 minutes to make. The ingredients are simple and straightforward, too. The secret to this good-tasting Mexican skewer is to make use of Tajín powder. From the heart of Guadalajara, it’s a classic seasoning that’s been a culinary staple of Mexican heritage. It’s a relatively straightforward concoction of chile, sea salt, and dehydrated lime juice. Using a pair of food-safe vinyl gloves, sprinkle the seasoning over skewered pieces of watermelon for an invigorating experience. It makes the fruit’s natural sweetness pop, while also surprising the mouth with an aftertaste that combines salty, sour, and spicy sensations.

Filipino Halo-Halo

With all the savory and spicy food items described so far, it’s time to cool down with a dish that’s versatile enough to become either a snack or a drink. Halo-halo, which translates to “mixed”, is the Philippines’ response to Korean bingsu. However, unlike bingsu which is mostly kept simple with only a handful of toppings, halo-halo is extravagant and is literally quite a mouthful. It’s a colorful mélange of ingredients made of boiled taro, coconut strips, crushed ice, evaporated or condensed milk, fruit preserves, milk custard, rice krispies, root crops, starch-based tapioca pearls, sweet grass jelly, and sweetened beans, that’s further topped with purple-colored yam paste and taro-flavored ice cream—yum! Since the recipe involves thick-skinned fruits and lots of crushed ice, we recommend using a pair of heavy-duty exam-grade latex gloves like GPLHD to keep your hands protected from getting an accidental cut or frostbite.

For your food service and restaurant safety needs, there’s Zoomget. We carry a wide variety of food-safe nitrile, latex, and vinyl disposable gloves from a dependable lineup of brands; 1st Choice, AMMEX Professional, Gloveworks, and X3.

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