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Signature Dishes From Across the Country to Spruce Up Your Menu

Signature Dishes From Across the Country to Spruce Up Your Menu

Nothing’s worse than the same old thing for dinner. The Zoomget team has curated several delectable treats from across the country to help spruce up your menu. Don’t forget to wear food-grade disposable gloves from 1st Choice when preparing these meals, so you can continue to keep everyone safe from foodborne illnesses and diseases. 


Fresh Dungeness Crab from Washington 


Dungeness crab is the tastiest of all crabs and is the backbone of Washington’s seafood industry. Commercial fishing boats come from all over the west coast to participate in this valuable, sustainable fishing. Crab season is at its peak from December through March, though you’ll find most locals communally harvesting and selling their products in September—which is pretty much right now! Additionally, during summer weekends, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to notice various fishermen who frequent the docks, only so they could sell you their freshly-caught crabs right off their boats—yum! And what better way to eat fresh Dungeness crab than by making crab cakes out of them? For a satisfying dining experience, equip yourself with food-grade disposable gloves from 1st Choice when handling crab parts and meat, so you maintain clean and stain-free hands throughout the entire meal. 

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches from Philadelphia 

The movies may have Rocky Balboa as Philadelphia’s most celebrated fighter, but this city’s greatest rivalry can be reduced to two South Philly cheesesteak joints that unwittingly compete with Philadelphia’s iconic Liberty Bell for recognition: Pat’s and Geno’s. And that’s because cheesesteak, which is popularly considered a regional type of fast food, has its roots tracing back to the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, US. A cheesesteak (also known as Philadelphia cheesesteak or Philly cheesesteak) is basically a sandwich made from thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak and melted cheese in a long hoagie roll. It was developed in the early 20th century “by combining frizzled beef, onions, and cheese in a small loaf of bread,” according to a 1987 exhibition catalog published by the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. It has since come a long way, evolving into many different varieties like the Chicken Philly that uses chicken instead of beef, the mushroom/pepper cheesesteak that’s topped with either mushroom or pepper respectively, and the Steak Milano which contains grilled/fried tomatoes and oregano. These sandwiches can be quite a mouthful, which is why we recommend using food-grade nitrile industrial gloves like the 5-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves from the 1st Choice glove line, so you can effortlessly maneuver through messy ingredients without ever staining your fingers! 

Cubano from Florida 

There may be as many versions of the Cuban sandwich in Florida as there are Cuban sandwich shops—lots of them! Depending on where you land in Florida, this sandwich may take a different shape or form. Most agree on the basics though, which mainly comprise roast pork together with salami and ham, combined with Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard sauce on top of Cuban bread—mmm, savory! Additionally, the way this sandwich is varied all depends on which city you’re in. For example, the Floridians of Tampa love their Cubanos served with salami, while people from Miami would rather not have them on their sandwiches. Instead, Miamians along with Floridians from the city of Ybor tend to like their Cubanos served with mayonnaise. In fact, it’s widely used in all the sandwich shops from there, you won’t miss it! That said, if you’re planning to embrace the inner Floridian in you, be sure to take extra precautions by preparing these sandwiches with food-grade nitrile or vinyl disposable gloves from the 1st Choice and X3 glove line. After all, fresh ingredients only remain appetizing if you practice proper food safety measures and protocols when handling them. 

Funeral Potatoes from Utah 

Wonder why they’re called funeral potatoes? Funeral potatoes get their unique name from being a crowd-pleasing casserole served as a side dish at after-funeral luncheons. They’re basically a cheesy hash brown casserole that makes the perfect warm side dish for any meal, holiday dinner, or potluck. They go well with everything and are a huge crowd-pleasing side dish. As sad as their name might sound, these crowd favorites show just how comforting and delicious they are for them to become such a staple. Many people also tend to call them cheesy hash browns. These warm, cheesy potatoes with a crispy cornflake crumb topping make a great side dish to ham, turkey, or chicken. They’re also often enjoyed for breakfast as a hash brown casserole with soft-boiled eggs. Preparing this dish shouldn’t be too hard if you got yourself the right recipe, so hunt for one on the internet today. While you’re at it, equip yourself with 1st Choice premium 6-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves that also happen to be food grade. They keep your casserole safe from unwanted dirt that may come from your hands, while allowing your fingers to stay stain-free when preparing your dish. 

For your food service and restaurant safety needs, there’s Zoomget. We carry a wide variety of food-safe nitrile, latex, and vinyl disposable gloves from a dependable lineup of brands such as 1st Choice, AMMEX Professional, Gloveworks, and X3. Get yourself a box (or more) today while supplies last. 


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