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Raised Diamond Texture Delivers Superior Value

Raised Diamond Texture Delivers Superior Value

Over the last year the Zoomget Team has seen that more and more customers of Gloveworks 5 mil. Black Nitrile Disposable Industrial Gloves and 1st Choice Premium 6 mil. Black Nitrile Disposable Industrial Gloves make the switch to raised diamond texture nitrile disposable gloves. The 5 and 6 mil. industrial black nitrile gloves have been at the forefront of many customers’ needs for years, as they deliver dependable barrier protection our customers can count on. So why would customers want to upgrade to raised diamond texture, you may ask?

Some would say diamonds are a mechanic’s best friend! It starts with the texture; these gloves have the most aggressive texture we offer, with 60% more surface area than standard nitrile gloves. The diamonds help to channel away liquids so those wearing the gloves can have better gripping capabilities in both wet and dry conditions. This is often beneficial for those who work with tools, machinery, solvents, and chemicals.

In addition, the gloves offer exceptional dexterity. The diamond texture construction allows for the gloves to feel less bulky to users when compared to a standard 6 or 8 mil. glove. The ability for the glove to perform delicate work is greater than a textured glove, as the diamonds allow better gripping capabilities with small tools.

Looking to try the raised diamond texture gloves without committing to a full box or case? Now you can! Zoomget now offers samples of select industrial-grade gloves, providing one of each available size for customers to sample for size and application. 1st Choice raised diamond texture industrial nitrile gloves provide a cost-effective option of the diamond texture at a 6 mil. thickness. In need of a thicker glove? Reach for the Gloveworks raised diamond texture nitrile gloves in 8 mil. nitrile. Stock up on your industrial nitrile needs at Zoomget today!


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