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Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are traditional. When asked about disposable gloves, the average person likely thinks of latex. Latex gloves were the industry standard for years before vinyl or nitrile came along. Because of allergic reactions, however, latex is less common now than other materials.

The fit and feel of latex gloves set the material apart as it conforms to the user's hands and offers more dexterity due to the incredible fit. This is great for industries where users handle smaller objects or tools. Many dentists still prefer latex because it allows for exceptional control of dental instruments.

Another outstanding trait of latex gloves is the flexibility of the material, which offers great puncture and tear resistance. This is beneficial for those handling sharp tools and objects, such as nursing applications and uses. This brings a level of durability that can ensure safety between providers and patients, as well as delivering comfort that no other disposable glove material can match.

If latex allergies aren’t of concern, we recommend checking out Zoomget’s large variety of latex gloves. We offer both powdered and powder-free, from light- to heavy-duty, and with several different color options. Let Zoomget find the right latex glove for you!

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