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How to Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Personal Style

How to Incorporate the Color of the Year into Your Personal Style

As we enter February, lush shades of pink and red abound, and that’s because Valentine’s Day happens in just a few weeks. Are you prepared for the occasion? If you want to stand out, better choose a unique color no one’s ever heard of. Does Very Peri ring a bell? No? That’s because Very Peri is a brand-new shade that Pantone has invented from scratch. It’s a unique color that effortlessly combines periwinkle blue with red violet. It symbolically blends the calm consistency of blue with the exciting energy of red, giving birth to a warm shade of indigo that resembles one of our favorite glove offerings, the 1st Choice light indigo nitrile exam glove. If light indigo isn’t your thing, you may want to check out other disposable gloves from 1st Choice for more options. A pair of disposable gloves comes in handy when trying out our tips below, so purchasing a box (or more) is a must.

Get Matching Tattoos

Getting inked is one of life’s more permanent decisions, so drawing inspiration from a memory worth cherishing isn’t such a bad idea. If you or your significant other happen to be huge K-pop fans and have attended the recently concluded BTS concert in LA, then getting matching purple heart tattoos could be you and your favorite person’s unique take on the traditional couple ring. It makes sense since purple is the official color of the said Korean boy band. According to them, purple is the last color of the rainbow, which nicely wraps up the love and warmth felt from the primary colors before it. If you like to take it a step further, choose Very Peri when selecting from the different shades of purple to use. Very Peri’s unique qualities allow for the tattoos to stand out, which may also allude to your one-of-a-kind partnership—sweet! Wear 1st Choice disposable nitrile exam gloves when caring for your new tattoo to keep your hands free from greasy ointment and your new piece of art safe from infection.

Bleach Your Denim 'til They Fade

Whether preparing for a date or looking for something interesting to wear, bleaching your jeans is a good way of repurposing old threads to make them look brand new. Not only do you get to impress your date with your eccentric fashion, but you also get to save money instead of buying a new pair. Achieving the Very Peri shade is easy if you have the right pair of jeans to bleach. A dark pair of jeans you’re willing to lighten does the trick. To add, bleaching makes denim feel softer and worn, which complements the distressed couture. If you happen to make the mistake of overly bleaching your jeans, correct them by using textile dyes. These dyes come in liquid or powder form and are available in different colors. Whether dyeing your jeans in a bucket, sink, or in a washing machine, be sure to keep the temperature around 85°F to 105°F so the dye sticks to the fabric. More importantly, always use bleach-resistant disposable gloves to keep your hands protected when bleaching. 1st Choice black nitrile industrial gloves are resistant to sodium hypochlorite, making them the perfect choice for all kinds of tasks with bleach and other commonly used chemicals.

Custom Paint Your Designer Bags

Do you have an old Louis Vuitton collecting dust? Take it out of retirement by creatively transforming your bag using acrylic or fabric paint. If you aren’t convinced, take a look at Filipino celebrity Heart Evangelista who does hand-painted designer totes for VIPs around the world. Her slew of clients is the stuff of people’s dreams. Imagine earning a living by refurbishing old handbags—gasp! Customizing your bag can be therapeutic, as it allows you to express your style while being able to explore the hidden artist in you. Stay on trend by making use of the Very Peri shade when painting your bags. Fortunately, Very Peri complements several natural leather colors such as beige and taupe, so mixing it with your handbag won’t result in a fashion don’t. Be sure to equip yourself with 1st Choice nitrile industrial gloves when painting to avoid staining your hands.

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