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Here’s Why You Need Disposable Gloves This Halloween

Here’s Why You Need Disposable Gloves This Halloween

You probably never thought about it, but gloves are just as essential during the Halloween season as they are every day. With all the available types of work gloves out there, it’s usually the disposable glove that’s often overlooked despite being useful in completing multiple tasks without breaking a sweat. Notice how much easier it is to rake leaves when wearing the right kind of personal protective equipment? Not only do disposable gloves help in finishing chores, but they also keep your hands protected from accidental scrapes and bruises. For that reason alone, it’s a must you invest in quality disposable gloves that can always keep you safe. Have you checked out the 1st Choice glove line yet? With the fall season upon us, preparing for Halloween should always be paired with dependable industrial gloves like the 1st Choice 5-mil or the 1st Choice 6-mil black nitrile disposable gloves, so you never have to worry about accidents occurring when trying to get the job done.

Pumpkin Carving 

Making jack-o-lanterns is a tradition that dates to 19th-century Ireland, where hollowed-out root vegetables such as turnips and pumpkins were transformed into lanterns to ward off evil spirits. The term “jack-o’-lantern” refers to the spooky flickering of the candle flame inside a carved-out pumpkin. The glow emitted from the lantern is reminiscent of the flickering lights that appear and disappear over swamps and bogs, which is also referred to as “will-o’-the-wisps” or “jack-o’-lanterns.” With Halloween continuing to grow in popularity in the US, the tradition of carving pumpkin varieties to celebrate the occasion isn’t stopping anytime soon. With all that said, making use of a carving knife without protection is a big no-no. For a 6-mil glove worth of protection, we recommend our premium 1st Choice black nitrile disposable industrial gloves as the best variant to use. Most nitrile gloves are 5 mils thick, so that extra 1 mil thickness may just prove itself useful.

Making Carmel Apples 

Did you know caramel apples have been around for over a hundred years? Their origins offer a rich variety, coming from different countries such as Australia, Brazil, Japan, and the United States. Similarly, the United Kingdom offers a caramel apple made specifically with toffee, which is often associated with and eaten during Halloween in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as during Bonfire Night in England and Wales. Toffee apples are best made in the fall season since apple trees yield their most flavorful crops during this time of year. A fresh apple is the key to getting the most out of this treat. If you’re particularly concerned about its stickiness, we recommended using food-grade nitrile gloves that are thicker than most poly and vinyl gloves around. When handling hot liquids, try our newly launched 1st Choice 5-mil black nitrile disposable industrial gloves that allow you to handle and decorate caramel apples with ease.

Applying Costume Makeup

The Halloween season might have you inspired to try out daring new makeup looks. With the holidays creeping in before you know it, the ongoing fall season is the perfect time to experiment with a bold makeup look you never tried before. What better way to do this than by going for an unconventional Halloween costume that also showcases your makeup skills? Instead of the usual witch or vampire look, why not choose to turn heads at parties as a black panther with matching cat eye makeup? Turn a scary look into something sultry by complementing your cat eye with good ole’ mascara and a pair of falsies for some added glamour. Make retouching hassle-free by equipping your makeup bag with a dependable pair of medical-grade gloves, like the 1st Choice 5-mil black nitrile disposable exam gloves, so your hands are always kept clean. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin your makeup look with a stain while trick-or-treating!

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