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Here’s Why Kids Need to Learn About Disposable Gloves

Here’s Why Kids Need to Learn About Disposable Gloves

An industry that’s currently growing right under our noses is the medical field of pediatrics. And with recent years not having been the most favorable to people and their health, children alongside the elderly have become a top priority, not just in America but in many different parts of the world. We all know how things can get messy when dealing with kids, right? It’s important to make yourself aware of the many different safety measures you can use to protect your family, while also teaching your children about the importance of PPE.

Unlike adults, children’s health is often more vulnerable. And with schools starting in most cities and districts, there’s no such thing as being too careful. Every safety precaution you take is important since most kids learn from grownups who often take the time to set an example. If they see you doing it, they’re most likely to mimic what you’re doing, too. Therefore, educating children by means of setting an example is crucial since it’s the most effective and impactful way for them to learn. And what better way than showing them the importance of disposable gloves?

If you don’t know where to start, you can rely on Zoomget as your ultimate guide to disposable gloves. Zoomget offers a wide selection of disposable glove options that allow you to choose from industry-trusted brands such as 1st Choice, Gloveworks, AMMEX Professional, and X3. Additionally, the impressive Zoomget lineup features gloves that are made with different materials such as nitrile, vinyl, or latex, ensuring reliable hand protection for everyone. Similarly, disposable gloves act as a barrier that protects children from all kinds of bacteria, germs, and infections. Stock up on medical-grade disposable gloves that provide reliable protection when caring for scrapes and bruises, dressing surgical wounds, and more. Take for example our newly launched medical glove, the 1st Choice black nitrile disposable exam glove that also happens to be chemo-rated and fentanyl resistant. These gloves are at least 5 mils thick, providing a much more reliable barrier protection than their comparable vinyl or latex alternative.

But disposable gloves aren’t limited to only preventing infections, they can also be used to avoid getting paint, dirt, or cuts on kids’ skin from their everyday arts and crafts. Children do lots of robust activities in school every day, and what better way to protect them than by wearing disposable gloves? For all kinds of creative and artistic endeavors, such as painting or doing handicrafts during art class, we recommend our newly launched black nitrile disposable industrial gloves from the 1st Choice glove line. At 5 mils thick, these gloves are more than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves, giving them three times more puncture resistance than their latex and vinyl glove counterparts, making them the perfect choice for an inquisitive kid with a huge imagination.

Now that we’re aware of the importance of children wearing disposable gloves, we must also know how to choose the right fit. The reason? There’s a wide variety of disposable gloves on the market with different materials, colors, and presentations, but not all of them are suitable for children to use. It’s very important that you know if your child is allergic to any of the materials from which your disposable gloves of choice are made of. Some, such as latex gloves, for example, have powder inside that could cause allergy in your child’s hands. So, by knowing these details, you can start choosing the right kind of disposable gloves for your child’s health. On that note, nitrile gloves are a common alternative to latex gloves, but if you’re still unsure, better consult your family physician to get the best kind of recommendation.

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