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Here’s Why Having a First-Aid Kit This Summer Is a Must

Here’s Why Having a First-Aid Kit This Summer Is a Must

Playing in the sunshine is good for both your body and soul. Unfortunately, if you get injured during these active pursuits and you aren’t prepared with on-the-spot treatments, that could mean the end of your summer fun. From accidents and mishaps like falling on a slippery rock, to dealing with seasonal allergies, or even coming face to face with a stinging bee, being prepared throughout the summer can make the difference between some minor discomfort and spending hours in the emergency room. Sometimes, it’s as easy as keeping a first-aid kit in your backpack whenever you go camping, boating, hiking, fishing, or even beach tanning. And if you’re curious as to what item you should get to start your personalized first-aid kit, we at Zoomget believe you could never go wrong with having disposable gloves around. That said, below are some of the essential reasons why having a first-aid kit on hand this summer is a must.

  1. There is never a good place to get hurt but when help is out of reach, a first-aid kit is your next best friend. After all, it’s the perfect immediate response to injuries and accidents when there are no first responders nearby.
  2. You might not always have access to running water when going for a hike or camping trip, so having a first-aid kit equipped with the right kind of disposable gloves could prove itself useful, especially in times of an emergency. After all, you’ll need a clean pair of gloves when addressing open wounds or insect bites. If you’re looking for the right pair, we recommend 1st Choice and its wide selection of medical-grade gloves. The light-indigo variant delivers fantastic dexterity and tactile sensitivity, making it the perfect choice for performing non-sterile examinations with precision instruments such as bandage scissors or surgical forceps.
  3. If your injury involves blood loss, then time is of the essence when retrieving the necessary supplies you need to stop the bleeding. Keeping a first-aid kit close by can provide that extra time you need when going outside your periphery to seek proper medical assistance.
  4. Kids will be kids—you can sure count on that. And with the summer season inspiring them to be more active, trouble brews just around the corner. Lack of experience, plain naivety, or just utter recklessness all adds up to a youngster falling prey to unfortunate circumstances that could sometimes lead to cuts, scrapes, and burns. Always be prepared with a first-aid kit that includes appropriate supplies such as alcohol wipes, bandages, and a strong, reliable pair of disposable industrial gloves to get the job done, such as our favorite 6-mil black nitrile industrial gloves from 1st Choice.
  5. There’s also the issue of liability when running a business. Nobody wants to be sued, and businesses are usually required by law to keep first-aid supplies readily available. This rings most true in an emergency, especially while waiting for first responders to arrive. Be sure your first-aid kit is stocked with the required ANSI first-aid items, so any mishap is immediately treated with urgent care.
  6. If your business involves running a resort, then it’s pertinent that you have a first-aid kit lying around, ready to be grabbed for some action in case somebody at the beach randomly encounters a venomous jellyfish or a spiny sea urchin—yikes! Treating jellyfish stings requires making use of a medical glove that offers dependable resistance against bodily fluids and pathogens, as well as contaminants and chemicals. Take for example our newly launched medical glove, the 1st Choice black nitrile disposable exam that also happens to be chemo-rated and fentanyl resistant. These gloves are at least 5 mils thick, providing much more reliable barrier protection than comparable vinyl or latex alternatives.
  7. A first-aid kit at the beach doesn’t just require disposable gloves that provide extreme barrier protection. They should also contain lighter-weight gloves that are equally as important as any other glove. After all, most people at the beach are there to relax and have a great time. A popular reason most people go to the beach is to get a tan. Disposable vinyl gloves provide a great way to easily mix and lather lotions and oils seamlessly. AMMEX Professional 3-mil clear vinyl disposable exam gloves have a smooth and comfortable fit-and-feel that delivers excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity, making them perfect for light-duty tasks that require frequent glove changes.

For your safety and first-aid disposable glove needs, trust Zoomget. We carry a wide variety of disposable nitrile, latex, and vinyl industrial and exam gloves from a dependable lineup of brands such as 1st Choice, AMMEX Professional, Gloveworks, and X3. Get yourself a box (or more) today while supplies last.

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