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Have a Firm Grip on Your Knowledge of Glove Texture

Have a Firm Grip on Your Knowledge of Glove Texture

Maybe you’re new to single-use gloves or recently dabbled in their use. Maybe you’d like to try more gloves from 1st Choice, but you still have questions. When it comes to finding the right glove for the job, there are four primary variables—material, thickness, texture, and value—to match up with one’s need.

Today’s blog is all about texture: Gloves may be textured on the entire surface, the fingers, the fingertips, the inner palm and fingers, or both sides of the glove. Textured surfaces typically enhance grip for working with tools, machinery, and other potentially slippery surfaces.

Zoomget sells gloves with three primary types of texture: smooth, for vinyl gloves; textured (formerly called micro-roughened), most common with nitrile and latex gloves; and aggressive, in 1st Choice’s case Raised Diamond Texture (RDT), which is offered on two of our heavy-duty nitrile gloves. Poly gloves, used primarily for foodservice, have an embossed texture.

Varieties of Glove Texture
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