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Get a Grip! Guide to Textured Gloves.

Get a Grip! Guide to Textured Gloves.

How much do you really know about textured gloves? Most commonly, they are preferred in a variety of industries due to the enhanced grip they provide. Better yet, you may be familiar with the best-selling Gloveworks Raised Diamond Texture line of nitrile gloves.

The various forms of glove texture are created on the glove formers during the production process. Some gloves are fully textured while others are textured only on the fingertips. The more prominent the texture, the better the glove allows for liquids to pass through channels and create better contact with the surface of an object.

There are three common textures of disposable gloves. Smooth gloves do not have any texture and are most commonly made of vinyl; they are most commonly used for foodservice and salon tasks. Micro-roughened gloves are the lightest form of texture. It is commonly found in nitrile and latex gloves. About 95% of nitrile gloves are micro-roughened. The surface of these gloves is lightly sanded, and they are commonly used for medical applications as they provide enhanced grip for small instruments and tools. Aggressively textured gloves are the most intense level of texture available. This is commonly known as Raised Diamond Texture. This is useful for gripping small objects like nuts and bolts when the glove is wet, as well as working with tools without worrying about losing grip. These gloves require more material to create the texture in production, which results in a thicker glove. These are most commonly used in industrial and automotive applications.

Texture is a key consideration when choosing the right glove for the job. Zoomget has smooth, micro-roughened, and Raised Diamond Texture gloves.

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