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Fitted Gloves Can Compromise Safety

Fitted Gloves Can Compromise Safety

Many employers require their employees to wear disposable gloves for various tasks. However, it is crucial to ensure proper glove sizing and the appropriate material are used. If not, there is a chance that employees may neglect their compliance responsibilities, which could lead to injury. Ill-fitting disposable gloves can compromise your safety—find the right-sized disposable gloves for your application today!

Why You Should Use the Proper-Sized Gloves

An assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School examined how factory-floor workers behaved when they were being watched compared to when they were not. He discovered that employees will not properly use their gloves if they did not fit correctly, especially if the gloves impacted productivity.

In some cases, it was seen that employees wore only one glove or cut off the fingertips of the glove to increase their efficiency. This can present a wide variety of health and safety risks for employees, peers, and consumers. In the food processing industry, for instance, disposable gloves help prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses such as listeria and salmonella, in addition to cross-contamination. The use of disposable gloves can also protect consumers against poor employee hygiene.

For the food processing industry in specific, the use of vinyl disposable gloves is common. This is typical for tasks that require frequent glove changes, as vinyl gloves are cost-effective. The use of the proper glove material can make all the difference in an employee’s experience wearing disposable gloves. For example, latex or nitrile gloves conform more closely to the hand than other glove materials like vinyl. This is preferred when handling small tools or parts in industries such as automotive.

Given the speed required in the manufacturing industry, having the right-sized disposable gloves is essential for employees. Consequently, employers must ensure their staff have gloves that fit appropriately. Incorrect glove sizing can reduce comfort and increase the risk of tearing, which can lead to potential injury or contamination. By finding the right material and size, employers can ensure employees are upholding procedures while protecting themselves, their peers, and consumers.

Zoomget has sizing charts listed on each product description page within the imaging suite. If you need additional assistance finding the proper size, you can check out our resource page about disposable glove materials or reach out to our team of experts!

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