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Everyday Objects We Should Celebrate This Thanksgiving

Everyday Objects We Should Celebrate This Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Counting blessings should encompass ALL things to be grateful for—including everyday objects that are often overlooked. Come to think of it, how many of our tasks and chores would be incomplete if not for inanimate objects that help make life easier? How can you possibly enjoy your favorite Frappuccino without a good cup to serve your drink in? Can you imagine performing automotive, mechanical work, or simply weeding the lawn, without a good pair of disposable gloves? The next time you find yourself using any of the six items we have on this list, make sure to give them the TLC they deserve. Without further ado, here are the six inanimate objects we should be thankful for this Thanksgiving: 

Disposable Gloves

We’re not including disposable gloves on our list just because we sell them on our website. They’re here because they’re underrated, despite being an essential in certain fields and industries. People make use of them for all kinds of applications (without being aware sometimes). Whether in the industrialmedicalfood service, or sanitation fields, disposable gloves are commonyet often overlooked. Disposable gloves are the unsung heroes that help protect us. Doctors and nurses from around the world can attest to their importance.  

Photo and Video Cameras

Do you remember the last time a photograph made you smile? Heartwarming, isn’t it? That said, cameras do more than evoke nostalgia—they bridge the gap and physical distance between people. Whether stuck in a hospital bed or bored at home, video calls help you and your loved ones stay connected. Cameras also do a good job at capturing beautiful and lasting memories. These memories can also serve as interesting ice breakers to help start a conversation with an awkward cousin or an estranged sibling. The ability of cameras to connect people shouldn’t be underestimated. It does the job in the most subtle of ways. 

Nail Clippers and Pawdicures

Pets do a good job in helping us humans with getting by. They are loyal and make great company, which is why we ought to treat them like royalty. We’re often left with no choice but to get creative with our pet’s grooming. For practical reasons, nail clippers and pawdicures are a great choice to maintain your pet’s hygiene, while also protecting your household furniture. After all, it’s never fun to see your home in ruin when your pets start acting up due to being locked indoors all day, every day. On that note, be sure to wear exam-grade nitrile disposable gloves when grooming your pet. You wouldn’t want to end up in bandages from when their untamed natural instincts come out—woof! 

The Dining Table

Put fall season’s bounty on display by learning how to properly decorate your Thanksgiving table! Dining tables are used on a regular basis that we barely think of ways to transform them into something less practical and more gorgeous. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing with table décor ideas you can execute in the comfort of your home. If you’re on a budget, why not try doing some DIYs like creating your own table centerpiece using homegrown pumpkins? Pair them with a bouquet of dried leaves that’s bundled together using glittery silver and gold ribbons. The combined colors from both the pumpkins and dried leaves help set a “warm and fuzzy” mood that’s perfect for any family dinner. While you’re at it, be sure to use our 8-mil nitrile disposable gloves when doing handiwork and carpentry. Aside from featuring a raised diamond texture, our Gloveworks Orange Nitrile Gloves are orange in color, allowing them to seamlessly blend with your table’s fall aesthetic. 

Homecooked Meals

The joy of eating homecooked meals is sometimes overshadowed and replaced by fast-food delivery. The jittery feeling of eating food prepared by your mom or grandma is exchanged for the convenience of delivery services that provide easy access to your food of choice. That said, Thanksgiving makes it possible to once again indulge in homecooked meals that are prepared exactly the way you want. In the spirit of the fall season, why not give back to your loved ones with a homecooked meal you’ve made yourself? Whether roasting a turkey or baking an apple pie, equip yourselves with food-grade vinyl disposable gloves to keep your hands clean and protected.  

Ceramic Coffee Cups

You never probably thought of it, but ceramic mugs are important. Considering their simple design and function, they’re not recognized for much of anything other than a token or gift during Thanksgiving parties, right? That said, they’re anything but mediocre. If you really think about it, how many of us choose to wrap up our days with a nice cup of hot chocolate or tea for a good sleep? Do you remember the ecstatic feeling of waking up your senses to the smell of brewed coffee to start your day? Remind yourself of life’s simple pleasures and be grateful. Just don’t ever forget to wear food-safe black nitrile disposable gloves when preparing hot drinks. Gloveworks 5-mil Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves do a good job with food service and safety applications. Perhaps we’ll even recommend them to our local baristas the next time we visit our favorite coffee shop, no? 

We hope you are able to find gratefulness in everyday tasks and objects this holiday season. The Zoomget team is thankful for our continued customer support throughout the challenging year. 

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