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Emergency Medical Service Glove Procedures

Emergency Medical Service Glove Procedures

As you may know, emergency medical services employees are required to go through copious amount of safety training. This includes the proper precautions when it comes to donning and doffing barrier protection such as disposable gloves.

It is crucial that those working in emergency medical services change their exam gloves at the proper times while on call to avoid contamination. This is needed for patients who do have visible bodily fluids and those who don’t. Disposable gloves should be donned prior to touching a patient and removed after assessment and prior to touching a clean surface.

If the employee touches a patient following the removal of gloves, they should don a new pair prior to physical assessment. Ample amounts of disposable gloves should always be available, as the gloves are changed numerous times upon patient contact.

In addition, it is important to wear the appropriate gloves for the call. Emergency medical service employees frequently prefer heavy-duty exam-grade gloves, as the thicker material and extended cuff provide extra protection. If the job includes a location where dangerous chemicals may be involved, it is important that the responders wear gloves that are resistant to chemicals for additional protection. It’s important to be equipped with the proper disposable gloves no matter the job. Stock up on the light- to heavy-duty exam-grade gloves needed to protect emergency medical service employees today.

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