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Decorating Dos and Don’ts to Remember This Holiday Season

Decorating Dos and Don’ts to Remember This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But in case you didn’t get the memo, it also happens to be a good time to give your home its much-needed revamp—out with the old and in with the new. That said, spicing up your home shouldn’t be too hard if you have the right checklist of things to do. Worry not, the Zoomget team has curated a list of tips to help you prepare your home this holiday season and into the coming year. Below are the decorating dos and don’ts when giving your home an upgrade. 

Do Elevate Style With Color

What better way to showcase the glowing holiday spirit than by choosing the right paint colors that can help balance the somberness of the cold weather and reduced sunlight during wintertime. For example, using bright shades of yellow and beige on your walls can help warm up your space and complement holiday decorations. They’re also reminiscent of spring colors and the summer sun, so you and your guests can enjoy them even after the holidays! If you’re not looking too far off, try making use of creamy neutrals like taupe or gray. These muted colors serve as a beautiful backdrop for your Christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments. Neutral colors often complement the colorful and cheerful vibe of the holiday and new year festivities, allowing for a seamless celebration that’s also easy on the eyes. Lastly, if you’re on the traditional side, why not go with reds and greens? Avoid being tacky, however, by veering away from primary shades. Instead, think about painting your walls maroon or chartreuse—they can accentuate your holiday décor and give your room an expensive finish. Using a pair of Gloveworks 5-mil Industrial Nitrile Gloves can help turn any of the aforementioned paint jobs a breeze.

Don’t Leave the Paint Can’s Lid Wide Open

Leaving the lid wide open on a paint can is an accident waiting to happen—someone is bound to step on the lid and track paint all over. But there are also several other reasons to put the lid back on immediately. For one, it keeps your paint clean and prevents dried-out paint from forming a crust on the lid. Likewise, mixing up the lids from two similar colors is less likely to occur, which can cause a problem later if not avoided. Finally, if you own pets, forgetting to lock them out while painting can cause serious repercussions. Dogs can knock over paint cans, brush against wet walls, or even pick up the handle of a dripping paintbrush with their mouth. Cats, on the other hand, might climb up the furniture and leave wet paw prints with fresh paint—yikes! Keep pets from interfering by practicing proper paint precautions and ensuring you have the right protection needed. Gloveworks Heavy-Duty Industrial Gloves are suited for painting jobs, no matter how messy! 

Do Chic Without Going Overboard

The holidays might be all about “wholesome goodness,” but realize that you don’t have to compromise authentic style for kid-friendliness. There are lots of ways to keep the house looking chic while also being suitable for children. Use fun wrapping paper and multicolor tree lights to evoke a whimsical ambiance. Give your kids miniature versions of a Christmas tree to decorate and display on the mantel. Now that you’ve got the young ones covered, heat up the holiday festivities with a sultry yet sophisticated vibe. Invest in subtle finishes like metallic or bronze locks on cupboards and cabinets to give them a glamorous touch. It is also recommended to avoid dark varnish on wood panels to make their natural patterns more visible. Refurbishing your home is easier done with a pair of Gloveworks Heavy-Duty Ivory Latex Gloves, they are twice as thick as standard latex, yet the most comfortable 8-mil gloves you’ll ever wear.

Don’t Limit Home Greenery to Christmas Trees

Don’t limit yourself to only using the Christmas tree and choose to incorporate all kinds of greenery. Get started by investing in fresh and faux greenery throughout the house to give it a natural touch. The front door is usually considered the best place to hang a wreath as it instantly creates a welcoming first impression. It’s the perfect place to showcase this season’s beautiful blooms and accents. That being said, there are other places in the house where one can spruce up with this versatile décor piece such as the porch, patio, and backyard. You may also choose to create wreaths using fresh flowers instead of foliage. Likewise, natural greenery also makes for a wonderfully lush centerpiece at dinner tables for Christmas parties. Just be sure to use a sturdy pair of home and garden gloves when handling plant life to keep your hands free from unwanted cuts and bruises.

Do Invest in the Right Tools

It all comes down to the basics. Getting the home upgrade, you want comes with the right tools. Whether that’s choosing the right paint color or investing in proper materials for the desired finish. Being picky with what you use from the start gives you and your home a lot of long-term benefits. If you haven’t noticed yet, the common denominator among these renovation hacks is the use of disposable gloves. You probably haven’t given them much thought, but disposable gloves are important in dealing with everyday tasks. Whether you use disposable gloves during this holiday season or in the coming new year, stay protected! Zoomget offers a wide variety of disposable gloves for home use and everyday living. Choose from our wide selection of nitrile, vinyl, and latex disposable gloves to help you complete whatever task you undertake.

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