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Black Nitrile: The Right Glove for You, and You and You

Black Nitrile: The Right Glove for You, and You and You

1st Choice 5 mil. Black Nitrile Disposable Industrial Gloves are the disposable glove industry’s jack of all trades. When you need durable hand protection, the first choice should be 1BN. These sleek black professional gloves are a top performer in most industries.

At 5 mils. thick, 1BN features much greater puncture resistance of comparable latex disposable gloves, in addition to excellent barrier protection against common and specialty chemicals, especially those that are petroleum based. The gloves are noticeably sturdier than the standard 3 mil. nitrile, as are they are designed for industry professionals, especially those in automotive, industrial, and manufacturing use. 

What might surprise most who have used the glove for manufacturing or automotive use is that they are also an excellent fit for janitorial and sanitation operations in addition to food service and countless other tasks. Not only is 1BN 50% thicker than standard nitrile, but it is also very versatile in that it delivers disposable hand protection for a wide range of industries.

As a medium-grade glove, 1BN is popular with automotive repair shops. The glove stands up to oil, grease, gasoline, brake fluid, and many other hazardous chemicals. It provides greater appreciation among users for durability and requires fewer glove changes.

In the industrial food processing sector, 1BN is great for long-duration use. It can stand up to the intensity of the production line and even do double duty in servicing equipment when needed. Similarly in the janitorial sector, which requires the handling of a wide range of hazardous chemicals and materials, the medium-grade glove delivers barrier protection needed for employee safety. 1BN is the outstanding all-around glove you need—it delivers protection you can count on day in and day out.

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