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Black Nitrile Gloves are Driving Market Versatility

Black Nitrile Gloves are Driving Market Versatility

Nitrile has become a top-of-mind material when consumers think of disposable gloves. The material’s versatility has fueled its growth in popularity, providing consumers with strong barrier protection.

Zoomget has a wide variety of black nitrile gloves from light to heavy duty across a range of thickness and texture. However, it’s hard to beat Gloveworks 5-mil Industrial Black Nitrile, these gloves are best-selling for a reason! They are designed for professionals and manufactured for ultimate strength and durability.

We have several great reasons why you might want to choose Gloveworks 5-mil Industrial Black Nitrile the next time you’re in need of a durable glove.

  • The 5-mil black nitrile provides strength that lighter materials may not be able to, protecting against punctures, tears, and chemicals. In combination with excellent fit and feel, these gloves provide unbeatable strength and comfort.
  • When you’re encountering messy jobs, the last thing you need is a ripped glove. Durability is one of the standout traits of Gloveworks 5-mil Industrial Black Nitrile. The 5-mil nitrile is 50% thicker than the standard nitrile glove, which means fewer glove changes are required.
  • The best gloves are suitable for both wet and dry conditions. This glove features a micro-roughened surface and texture to provide added grip and control.
  • The versatility of the glove makes it a great safety solution for many industries, from food service and processing to automotive, industrial, and janitorial.

Thicker gloves—especially those made from nitrile—have been challenging to obtain since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shortage came from the surge in glove needs as the pandemic heightened. Manufacturers needed to prioritize medical and exam-grade gloves with the increased health care need. The global supply chain continues to face long delays and major challenges with shipping and inventory. Collectively we will continue to navigate these challenges, as demand is expected to remain high.

While we are in the process of obtaining the thicker nitrile gloves that many are inquiring about, we have a suitable solution for the meantime. Zoomget currently has a large supply of Gloveworks 5-mil Industrial Nitrile in a variety of sizes. This versatile glove provides great protection for many uses from automotive to food service. Zoomget has the gloves you need!

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