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Baby Care Products for the Growing Market

Baby Care Products for the Growing Market

As back to school has come and gone, it is important to keep the importance of child safety at the forefront. Childcare is a growing industry, and it is important that daycare facilities and schools have the proper supplies on hand. Childcare providers use a substantial number of disposable gloves, changing table paper, wipes, cleaning supplies, and more. It is no surprise that facilities go through a large number of supplies, as children spend an average of 36 hours per week in daycare. Having the right supplies on hand makes the day-to-day tasks easier.

Changing table paper helps employees maintain a sanitary environment when supporting young children with diaper changes. In addition to diapers, it is important for facilities to also be well-equipped with baby wipes. Disposable gloves can be donned when changing a child to avoid the spread of bodily fluids. Did you know disposable bibs are also another essential tool in childcare? The use of disposable bibs are common in large facilities, as it helps reduce the number of laundry loads and speeds up the cleanup process.

The use of disposable gloves in childcare facilities is often overlooked. Gloves are needed for a variety of uses including cleaning and sanitation, food preparation, diaper changes, and more. For diaper changes we recommend using AMMEX Professional 3-mil Clear Vinyl Disposable Medical Gloves. These gloves deliver an excellent fit with effective barrier protection. The lightweight material also makes them great for frequent glove changes, crucial when working with bodily fluids. 1st Choice 3-mil Nitrile Disposable Exam Gloves are the suitable lightweight glove for both food preparation and cleaning needs. These gloves are also comprised of a lightweight material, making them easy to don for frequent glove changes, but they are available in a variety of colors. This can help with color coding use to avoid cross contamination in food preparation or the use of darker gloves to conceal dirt and grime when cleaning. As the demand for childcare services increases, it is important to consider the needed supplies for facilities. Having the right supplies on hand can deliver a high quality of care. Stock up on disposable gloves at Zoomget today!

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