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Are 100% of Your Glove Shipments Inspected? They Are at Zoomget

Are 100% of Your Glove Shipments Inspected? They Are at Zoomget

Everybody expects disposable gloves to be of top quality. It’s considered the baseline (even if not every seller lives up to it).

Very few sellers of gloves, however, go a step further and insert an extra layer of quality control that involves 100% inspections.

Who does? Zoomget. Our number one goal is helping customers find the gloves they need, and that starts with reducing risk for customers by ensuring that products meet high standards.

Our teams achieve that through dedication to efficient and ethical sourcing, outstanding logistics and operations, and commitment to compliance.

Onsite teams in Southeast Asia provide 100% quality-assurance inspections to ensure product consistency and operational process visibility. They thoroughly check out every order and shipment at the factory level.

Most glove sellers do not have the personnel to perform thorough inspections. We have invested in dedicated teams that do not settle for less than 100% quality. Zoomget’s teams visit every factory and leave no glove unturned.

Do all the gloves from your sellers consistently meet exact specifications? Our on-location experts ensure that all our products do.

Does your seller keep records of personal inspections for every glove shipment? Zoomget has detailed records on all inspections.

Beyond inspecting every shipment, we also invest in working with our suppliers to ethically source and produce product:

  • Our partners sign our Ethical Sourcing Policy. It states that products, raw materials, and services are being sourced from businesses that comply with ethical standards and legal requirements. This tells you that our gloves are above-board and manufactured without exploitation.
  • Business practices are validated through membership in Sedex—an organization that partners with more than 74,000 global companies to create socially and environmentally sustainable businesses and supply chains. Central to this partnership is SMETA, the world’s most widely used social audit, which enables businesses to assess their sites and suppliers to understand working conditions in their supply chain.
  • We take appropriate actions for improvement in our supply chain, working only with suppliers who follow our strict regulations to the letter.

No other independent seller of gloves has the commitment to quality through 100% in-person inspections of every shipment, sourcing policies, and audits. This manifests in putting the best products on the market to deliver the best hand protection for our customers.

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