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A Spooktacular Halloween with Disposable Gloves

A Spooktacular Halloween with Disposable Gloves

Halloween season is here, and disposable gloves should be as much as a staple as candy both in stores and households. Disposable gloves can have many applications on the holiday, from decorations to costumes. Here are a few ways to use gloves for a spooky fun Halloween!

Give Homemade Costumes More Pizzazz

Many people like to make costumes for themselves or their children—some for creativity, and others for cost-saving benefits. Picking up a few pieces from a local thrift shop can benefit the customer’s bottom line. Adding a pair of disposable gloves may serve, however, as the final touch! No witch, zombie, or werewolf costume is complete without creepy hands. You can add false nails, paint, or fake hair to a pair of disposable gloves to enhance your costume’s hands. To craft a costume inspired by the 1944 classic “The Mummy’s Curse,” use glue to wrap the glove in strips of white cloth.

For those who prefer to go heroic rather than frightening, disposable gloves are the perfect addition to a homemade superhero costume, especially 1st Choice Premium 6 mil. Orange Industrial Nitrile Gloves. The raised diamond texture can provide enhanced grip for picking up candy, and the bright color is great for visibility after sundown.

Jazz Up the Party Snacks

In addition to the traditional door-to-door trick or treating for candy, many find themselves at Halloween parties. If hosts are looking to add a creep factor to their drinks, they should grab a few disposable gloves. Simply fill the disposable glove with water (or your drink of choice) and freeze. Remove the glove once the liquid is frozen and add to punch bowl to chill your beverage with a twist! Looking for an eerie snack for your guests? Grab a box of 3-mil clear vinyl disposable gloves, then put one candy corn in the finger of each disposable glove. Then fill the rest of the glove with popcorn and tie the top with a festive ribbon for a fun monster hand treat!

Creeptacular Decorations

What Halloween party is complete without decorations? Disposable gloves are perfect formers for spine-tingling lighting, so try making a few hand-shaped candles! Simply fill a heavy-duty disposable glove with hot beeswax, peel the glove away once the wax hardens, and add wicks. You can also inflate disposable gloves for a fun party balloon—whether you turn white latex gloves into ghosts or orange nitrile gloves into pumpkins, the possibilities are endless!

Play it Safe While Decorating

Costumes and yummy treats are not the only aspect of Halloween that people like to make by hand. Many also like to handcraft decorations for their home or business. Whether wood cut-outs or milk jug jack-o’-lanterns, it’s important to factor in proper safety precautions in addition to creativity. For example, spray paint is useful for applying the iconic orange and black to decorations. With a pair of durable disposable gloves, you can ensure the paint goes on the desired surface (and not on your hands). The same is true for wood stains, which contain chemicals that can be harmful after prolonged use. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins may present a fright this Halloween—but harsh chemicals, pathogens, and other risks are no match for the right barrier protection.

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