Gloveworks Black Nitrile Gloves (Box of 100) | AMMEX BINPF

by Ammex Corporation
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AMMEX Gloveworks Black Nitrile Powder Free Industrial Gloves

Pros don’t accept second rate when it comes to their toolbox. Reach for the right disposable gloves for the toughest jobs: AMMEX Gloveworks Black Nitrile Powder Free Industrial Gloves.
More than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves, they’re durable and strong, with three times the puncture resistance of latex. They deliver the barrier protection you need for working with chemicals. A micro-roughened surface and textured fingertips deliver gripping power.
Black is the hottest choice on the market for a cool look. Latex-free. Sold 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case. S-XXL.
Make sure your gear has you covered.

Glove Sizing Chart

To ensure your gloves have the best fit and feel, we've created this handy sizing chart. Please keep in mind that gloves are like shoes: there are general sizes, but various styles will fit differently. Glove materials thickness, elasticity, and texture are a few factors that can make one style of glove fit snugger or looser than another.

    Gloves Size Inches cm
    • Up to 2.9 inch
    • Up to 7.36 cm
    • 2.9 - 3.3 inch
    • 7.36 - 8.32 cm
    • 3.2 - 3.5 inch
    • 8.12 - 8.9 cm
    • 3.5 - 4 inch
    • 8.9 - 10.16 cm
    • 3.9 - 4.4 inch
    • 9.9 - 11.18 cm
    • 4.4 inch and over 
    • 11.18 cm and over

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