AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Ivory Vinyl Latex Free Industrial Disposable Gloves (Box of 100)

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    • $5.95

    Spending at restaurants nationwide is trending upward as Americans eat out more than ever.

    While this growth creates opportunities for the food service industry, it also presents challenges: How do you protect against food contamination?

    AMMEX Ivory Stretch Synthetic Powder Free Industrial Gloves will give you the confidence that you’re protected.

    These industrial-grade, disposable stretch polyethylene gloves are perfect for food service, as well as other light-duty tasks and environments that require frequent glove changes.

    When medical pros try stretch vinyl, they are rewarded with great performance and great value in the same glove.
    Make certain that every glove is a fresh start on safety.

    BRAND Ammex
    MATERIAL Vinyl
    VENDOR Ammex
    GRADE Exam / Medical
    PATTERN Smooth
    FINISH Powder Free
    COLOR Ivory
    SIZES S, M, L, XL
    PACKAGING 100 gloves in a box
    WEIGHT (lbs/case) S 1.2 | M 1.3 | L 1.4 | XL 1.5

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