AMMEX Flock Lined Diswashing Work Gloves (Bag of 12 pairs)

by Ammex Corporation

AMMEX Flock Lined Latex Gloves

Working in a commercial kitchen is no picnic—especially for those on dish duty.
Even with loading plates, pans, and cutlery into an automatic dishwasher, hands are exposed to hot water. In smaller operations, dishes are often still washed manually, so conditions are even harsher.
Protect your employees’ hands with AMMEX Flock Lined Dishwashing Gloves.
At 17 mil, these heavy-duty latex gloves are thick, strong, and offer excellent protection against hot water and cleaning chemicals. Sold 12 pairs per package, 12 packages per case, in small to extra large.
Dish duty is hard work. Make it easy on your hands.