10% Discount on AMMEX Nylon Inspection Work Gloves (Bag of 12 pairs)

by Ammex Corporation
Save 23%

AMMEX Nylon Inspection Gloves

Some gloves you wear to protect your hands. Others, you wear to protect what you’re handling.
AMMEX Nylon Inspection Gloves are so versatile, they fall into both categories.
These ultra-thin, comfortable gloves perform admirably as either an inner or outer layer. Wear them as a liner for disposable or work gloves, or to protect products from smudges, stains, fingerprints, or skin oil.
The low-lint nylon stretches slightly for a snug, smooth fit. Dexterity and tactile sensitivity are high. Sold 12 pairs per package, 12 packages per case, in small or large.
The perfect choice when you need a spotless finish. 

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