GLOVEWORKS Industrial Grade Variety Pack (Box of 16 Gloves)

by Gloveworks

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The weekend is fast approaching. Home projects are piling up. There’s cleaning to be done, and gardening and painting, and … you get the idea.

Be sure you have the right tools, including gloves, for all those jobs. AMMEX Gloveworks’ Variety Pack is just the solution for DIYers with a long list of tasks to tackle.

From kitchen to garage, basement to yard, Gloveworks has you covered:
Yellow Latex Flock-Lined Gloves. These sturdy, 17-mil gloves are made for indoor cleaning projects. They protect your hands from hot water, cleaning solutions, and household chemicals, as well as mold, mildew, and germs. The gridded texture gives them extra gripping power. One pair per box.

Black Latex Flock-Lined Gloves. When the job demands more protection, these heavy-duty gloves answer the call. At 13 inches long with a 28-mil thickness, they can take on tougher duties, especially outdoors: cleaning gutters, scrubbing the deck, power-washing the siding. They feature a diamond texture for a first-rate grip. One pair per box.

Nitrile-Dipped Polyester Gloves. These general purpose work gloves are among the most comfortable and versatile you’ll ever wear, perfect for pruning roses, trimming branches, planting bulbs, or any number of home or garden activities. Made of breathable polyester. The nitrile coating on the palm and fingers resists punctures, snags, and abrasions, and the knit wrist keeps out dirt and debris. One pair per box.

Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves. These 3-mil disposables provide excellent protection against cleaning solutions, paint, oils, and common chemicals. They’re also a help in the kitchen for seeding peppers or other food prep. Five pairs per box.

Variety Packs come in S/M and L/XL, and are sold 20 boxes per case.

Don’t take on your weekend to-do list without proper equipment. Gloveworks Variety Pack always has the right glove for the job.