AMMEX 4 mil Ivory Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Disposable Medical Gloves - VSPF

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Latex disposable gloves, traditional in medical circles, offer great fit and comfort—but they also can aggravate allergies to natural rubber. As an alternative, many healthcare professionals have turned to AMMEX Ivory Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves. Not only are these solid, dependable medical-grade gloves great performers, but they also deliver real value to help stretch your budget further. They are latex free, yet they mimic latex’s fit and feel: durable and form-fitting, with extra flexibility to reduce hand fatigue, and superb tactile sensitivity. Reliable barrier protection against bodily fluids, bloodborne pathogens, and other contaminants. Myriad applications for doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, elder and child care specialists, and home caregivers. 

  • 4 mil Vinyl
  • 9.5 in. Fingertip to Cuff
  • Latex Free
  • Powder Free
  • Smooth

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